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Multiapplications smart cards projects (Europe) ...

Since 1985, MTA participates to various R&D European projects dedicated to adapt the Information Technology to trnasport and urban services applications (monetic, access control, ...)

MTA has carried out, for RATP (Paris transport operator), the operational follow-up of international projects :
- ICARE (1995 – 1997) 
- CALYPSO (1998-2000)
- TRIANGLE (2001-2004)

The various missions, integrating an important part of project management as well as the management of the relations among partners and departments, laid on our technical knowledge of information systems for an optimisatin of actions and achievements.

The different missions have been done at internatiional level with dedicated actions in Italy, Portugal, Germany in the frame of smart cards ticketing systems installation.

Since 2009 MTA is involved in an initiative led by Calypso Networks Association to revise the teleticketing paradigm towards higher accessibility to teleticketing from small operations and lower investment and exploitation costs

This initiative is undertaken together with Veolia Transport, OTLIS, YOUMOVE, Mercury Technologies.





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