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Our competencies help you to ...

  • structure your objectives and expectations bringing a real knowledge of various solutions set up in similar projects
  • structure the relations with the different organisations involved in the set up of your new ticketing system on a project mode management
  • design your ticketing system
  • manage the project (teams set up, strategic steering committee, technical meetings, progress reports - indicators and dashboards, etc ...)
  • defend your interests through the whole process of the design phase of your ticketing system (expected preformances and functionalities, costs, timing, quality)
  • understand the stakes and impacts of your decisions with efficient consultancy services on invetments costs, operating costs, organisational srtuctures, training and communication to be set up
  • launch the pulic tenders for the installation and select the best offer in line with your interests and requirements
  • follow the operational deployment up to the effective operation of the system




MTA helps your to find the answer to your needs ans accompanies you throughout your project.


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