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The interoperable teleticketing system of Lysbon has been made guaranteeing the involved systems interoperability and in the future for the ticketing projects of the other OTLIS  members.

This teleticketing system takes its roots from : ICARE and CALYPSO projects which lead to functional and technical specifications which have allowed a real size field test in 1999-2000 with the system and cards URBI2000.

The Lisbon metro (Metropolitano de Lisboa - Lisbon metro operator) was the first to put in place a new tticketing system integrating contactless smart cards as physical support for its trnasport titles.

The contactless smart card CALYPSO has been introduced by many operators of the Lisbon region (AML), among whom Carris (Lisbon bus, tramways and funiculars operator) with the smart card 7'Colinas, and different systems allow users to recharge their cards, on Post Offices or Banks  terminals.





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