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Our services includes ...

  • state of the art presentaion
  • help to express the needs
  • analysis of the existing and identification of contrains
  • defintion of business and organisational requirements
  • definition of functional and technical architectures
  • definition and evaluation of realistic scenarios
  • selection of a common scenarios among partners
  • design of adapted architecture
  • help to choose the titles supports
  • design of data models for the titles supports
  • establishment of operations calendar
  • elaboration of documents for installation's public tenders
  • consultation of entreprises for the installation
  • analysis of candidates and received offers
  • help to select the candidates for the installation
  • follow-up of the operational installation (eg : pre-tests, gradual deployement, deployment itself)




MTA realises various missions on the basis of your needs and progress state of your ticketing project.


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