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MTA takes its strrength form its field experiences of complex projects management and adapts itself to your environment and does not work with a "copy / paste" method, in order to achieve a consensual adoption of your ticketing scenario by all the bodies involved by the ambitions of your project.


MTA provides you all its competenceies and assists you throughout the whole project from the needs and the existing analysis and the existing to the implementation of the system.


MTA works in total (financial and commercial) independence  from operators, industrials, solutions integrators. This allows to design adapted functional and technical solutions to your field environement.






MTA helps the collectivities and the mobility operators to install new systems integrating them into the working environments of the various bodies involved at all the levels and guranteeing a fully interoperable solution.

MTA works on realistic technical solutions corresponding to your real needs through a consensual adoption of a ticketing scenario  validated on the basis of your (functional, technical, business) requirements and constrains of your environment.


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